Hey Handmade Squad! It's me, Jordyn! The decade-plus one-year-old CEO of J. Brielle Handmade Goods! I get asked a lot about why I started my business. Well, I LOVED to shop at those luxurious stores at the mall where I could buy sweet-smelling soaps and awesome bath bombs. I also loved to make slime! I kept asking my mom and dad for money to buy them, but they said I had to earn the money first! They also told me I should make my own slime and bath products.  So, I learned how! I then asked my dad to create a logo for my business and a business plan. I then began to sell my bath products to family, friends and church members. They loved them! That's how J. Brielle Handmade Goods was born.


Now, J. Brielle is so much more than just soaps, bombs and balms. It's all about loving the unique person you are and appreciating the uniqueness of others. I believe that we are all HANDMADE by God. That makes us special! And although we aren't perfect, we are all totally awesome!  So to help girls all around the world unite, I ask that you sign a pledge against bullying! GIRLS STAND TOGETHER! And it starts with me! Are you in?


 More about Jordyn: She enjoys reading, drawing, crafts, eating, taking pictures with her Fujifilm camera, volleyball, and traveling. She also loves spelling words such as pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

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